Thursday, April 11, 2002

My thoughts on the Independent's new format which first plopped through the letterbox on Tuesday morning (strange - why not Monday I wonder?)

1) Conflict with Phil is inevitable as my Opinion bits are now in the middle of his News section. We can no longer peacefully split up the newspaper at breakfast as we head our separate ways.

2) The Review section, now that it's lost the leader and comment articles, feels distinctly lightweight and fluffy. More like a weekend magazine - can I face this mix of consumer lists and travel advice every morning?

3) In their manifesto they say they want to make a clearer distinction between news and comment. Does this mean Robert Fisk gets the sack?

4) A lot of their regular writers have had glossy new portraits done. Without exception they have all gained weight. (Anne McElvoy has stuck with the old picture so remains cute in a scarily intelligent sort of way.)

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