Friday, April 19, 2002

One year old today!

A year ago this weblog started with a description of a weekend Krieg! session, shortly followed by raves about Down in Flames and drooling anticipations of Paths of Glory and Thirty Years War. Well Krieg! hasn't been played since, but we're still raving about Down in Flames, and Paths of Glory has become an old friend.

The thing has broadened out as well, with postings about Ceroc dancing, choral singing, teenage sons, and some ill-advised forays into political comment. But the focus is still the obsessive gaming behaviour of a small group of sad middle-aged enthusiasts in Salisbury.

About 170 different people tune in every month for a read. That doesn't sound like many, but it compares very well with the circulation of your average postal Diplomacy zine. I've no idea why you continue hitting the site every day, but I appreciate your interest. And I've no idea who most of you are either - so send me an email some time. And keep visiting - I'll try to keep it interesting!

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